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Who doesn’t love a cute kitten or schnitzel with noodles?  I don’t even know what a schnitzel is, but if it’s got noodles with it, it can’t be all bad.  While Mary Poppins can belt out a tune of her favorite things, I’m stuck with writing about mine on a blog.  Trust me; the world will thank me later.  My list of favorite things is always changing, but it features items every bit as diverse as Miss P’s and I’m thinking someone really talented could turn it into a big hit musical too.  Well, perhaps not.  But, you might want to try some of them and who knows, they could be your favorite things, too!

My current list of favorites seems to have a common thread involving money.  I was a big-time cheap skate before the current economy, so I’m already in the “Let’s see how much money we can save” mode.  In fact, one of them (theoretically) even makes money, so I figure the more I shop, the more I save make.  Let’s start with that, just to get in the mood. is a web site that gives you a rebate on a percentage of your shopping.  As long as you buy from an online store affiliated with them (and connect to the store through their web site), you are really getting paid to shop!  There’s a link on the right hand side of my blog that takes you there (and gives me credit if you sign up) that explains in much better detail than I can.  I have been using this for several months (I wanted to make sure it worked before I shared with my friends) and it gives you better rebates than, a site I previously used.  Some of my favorite online stores are part of BigCrumbs, including eBay,, Chadwicks, Target, etc.  I don’t think I’ve ever made it through the entire list, but trust me, I don’t buy anything online until I’ve checked BigCrumbs to see if they offer a refund percentage.  All you need is a PayPal account (those are free), a BigCrumbs ID (free again), and a love for online shopping (technically this is free, too).  You don’t even have to like saving money, it just does that for you automatically.  By the time I get free shipping and 6% cash back from, the price is usually lower than WalMart prices and I don’t have to mingle with the….um….other people shopping there.  I’ve saved a ton, just not having to go to the doctor’s office after every trip.  So, really, I guess this covers a couple of favorites, BigCrumbs and  Really I don’t leave home without them!

Another favorite shopping site (alas, it’s not on BC), is  Signing up is a bit more challenging than most websites, but truly worth the effort.  IF you complete your profile, which includes entering all of your measurements and style preferences, you can get free shipping BOTH ways.  That’s like having the mall come to your house!  It took some time to get all my measurements in (don’t cheat or it doesn’t work), but once that was complete, it was all fun from there.  They tell you your body shape (one of these, M-Y-S-H-A-P-E, isn’t that cute?) and then give you your own store of styles that look good on you AND, get this, actually fit!  I was a bit doubtful on my first order (also got %15 off of it), but I figured free shipping would make it worth a trial.  I ordered jeans, a blouse, a skirt, and a jacket.  The jeans fit…I kid you not!  I actually get compliments when I wear them.  Ends up, I kept them all.  I did some checking and could not find the same items at a cheaper price anywhere else online.  Best investment of body measurement time I ever did.  Now, if I could get them to do shoes (they do purses and jewelry), I could spend all my time saving money 😀


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