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Dog eats house…giant gerbil escapes (the first time).

Posted on: June 25, 2009

Here are some pictures of the beautiful home Bob built for our two outside dogs, Cody and Magic (see previous stories!) As you can see, he did a fantastic job and we even stained it, so that they could proudly cower together during storms, burglaries, and random attacks by wild predators.

The second row, however, is how the doghouse looks AFTER a giant mutant gerbil tried to use it as his hiding place.

It sounded like what I imagine the Normandy Invasion sounded like, so we hurried out to investigate. Obviously, the dogs had lost a precious playmate under the house, so Bob tipped the house up and the little rascal took off. The playmate (Bob’s description is ‘….a rat with a tufted tail…it looked exactly like a giant gerbil!’) escaped this time, but apparently did not learn from his mistakes. Either that or we serve the best dog food in the county!
A couple of nights later, the invasion began again. This time Bob tilted the house in a different direction and the critter made a bee-line straight into Magic’s waiting jaws.

I’m thinking the next house will have to be made of bricks.

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