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In our quest to find a suitable home for Magic, we located a rescue group on the web that indicated they might be able to help. We were asked to bring her to their facility (about 90 miles from our home) for evaluation.
Can you spell S-U-C-K-E-R-S!
We all piled into the car. This was not as easy as it sounds since the mere sight of a leash sent Magic into full blown hysteria. We had to actually pick her up and put her in the car. Once in the car, she was perfectly behaved and actually seemed to enjoy the outing (as long as she didn’t have to look at the leash). We arrived at our destination, remaining optimistic despite the fact that the “facility” appeared to be a rather run-down house in the middle of town. There was no way we were leaving Magic here, but we thought we might be able to post her picture on their website and oversee the adoption ourselves. So we stupidly got out of the car. Not Magic…apparently she was the only one with any sense.
We were given a tour of the “shelter” which consisted of several pens of wire holding tons of dogs trying to escape through the wire. One dog appeared to have her head stuck in the wire. There was also a blocked off section of the front porch crammed full of puppies. The smell (and keep in mind this is outside) was horrific.
Were we smart enough to retreat with our tails between our legs? OH NO! Not only did we stay, we actually picked up a roly poly pup with a pink nose, pink foot pads, and a white tip on his tail. Did our stupidity stop there? OH NO! We paid a small adoption fee and rescued the little thing from certain death, taking him home to join the crew. Right about now, my maternal instincts are kicking into overdrive. There is something wrong with this dog! I JUST KNOW IT! But we take him home anyway.
Sure enough, one day (and 200 diarrhea clean ups) later, at one minute before closing time, I call the vet. Buffalo Bill Cody has parvo. Never name a puppy before you have the vet check him out. Once they’re named you cannot say “Yes, we should probably just put him down.” Once they are named, you say “OK. Do what you can to save Cody.”
One week and a maxed out credit card later, we bring him home.
Now I’m not saying all this illness (he proceeded to be infected with every type of parasite known to man) is what did it, but this dog is quite possibly the dumbest dog ever to walk the face of the earth. The dog eats wood. He eats wire. He eats toys that are guaranteed to be indestructible. He eats anything else he can fit into his mouth. And his mouth is quite large. Once his medical problems were solved (and the second mortgage on the house was approved) he quickly grew from 5 pounds to over 70. Unfortunately, his brain still thinks he’s a 5 pound dog. He wants to sit in your lap. He wants to lie on the back of the couch. He wants to romp and play with the other 5 pound dogs. His idea of fun (second only to eating his dog house) is to knock you over, run into the house, grab the first dog toy he can find, knock you over again, run out of the house and disappear into the woods to hide the toy, preferably somewhere where there is mud.
We just “celebrated” our first year with Cody and can safely say that he is the most expensive free dog we have ever rescued. They tried to convince us that he was a full blooded pit pull. Now look in those bloodshot eyes and tell me he is not a big old dopey hound dog.
Oh well, ya gotta love a mug like that!!

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