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Much time has passed since my last post, although activities at the Crazy Critter household have maintained an extremely high volume. Shortly after sweet Goat Cheese took his final resting place by the side of our house overlooking the lake, we encountered a flurry of furry commotion.
Mama (AKA Square…see previous blog) Kitty had made an emergency visit (she wouldn’t eat anything) to the hospital back in March of 2007 where we received the devastating news that she had cancer and would not be with us much longer. This was right before my birthday and Krazy Bob had not made the trip with us. There was no way I would agree to leave her there without the chance for one last party. I promised the vet that we would come back before she began to suffer (the doctor recommended it be within the week) to help her with her final journey. I tearfully took her home to make her last days comfortable.
Apparently Mama Kitty took exception with this plan. I probably should mention that we were told to make her “last days comfortable” back in 1995 shortly after her second birthday and the delivery of those tiny curmudgeons that morphed her from Square Kitty to Mama. We moved her into the laundry room to live in peace and fed her the good stuff (canned cat food and cream) for about 6 months. It became apparent that Mama was having the time of her life. She loved the solitude of the laundry room with its window looking over the back yard where she was content to make faces at the dog (Cochise) throughout the day. She adopted a pet mouse (I am just making an assumption on that fact since she pretended not to see it scampering by her whenever anyone else was in the room) and rolled over for a belly scratch anytime a human strolled by within arm’s length. The only indication that she had been at death’s door was a temporary change in hair color from black to silver and back to black.
Time marched on. Boys went to high school, started driving, and left for college. I became a bit suspicious that Mama Kitty might be pulling a fast one on us. I was planning to marry Krazy Bob and didn’t want to expose his cat (High Prince Spooky) to anything lethal. We gave MK another last meal of cream and prepared to take her into our new vet for her final visit. After running a couple of tests, the vet stated, “This cat doesn’t have leukemia.” We turned to MK for an explanation. I swear she just shrugged, “Don’t look at me…*I* never said I was sick.” We took her home.
Fast forward 6 years to 2007 and we are once again preparing a special last meal of her favorites, tuna and cream (in separate dishes, of course). Mama Kitty slurped it up and settled into a chair in the den to spend the last few days indoors with us. This is about 30 minutes after we got home from the vet because she wouldn’t eat. I began to suspect a conspiracy. Needless to say, days turned into weeks, and weeks to months. Then, one night about a week after we buried Cochise, she asked to sleep outside on the front porch in her favorite rocking chair. Early the next morning we heard a ruckus in the yard and rushed out to make sure everything was OK. My husband spotted a large, shadowy, white wolf-looking creature run into the woods. Around the corner, we found Mama Kitty. There were no marks on her body and no signs of a fight. It is our belief that she died happily snuggled in her chair having won the final fight of deciding where and when she wanted to go. Our hearts are sad and it still seems wrong to drive up and not have her scamper out of her house boat to greet us, but you’ve got to admire her spirit. After all, it’s with us still!
Mama Kitty

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