Is There Really Life After Childbirth?

Good Night, Cochise! The world will be a sadder place without you.

Posted on: May 31, 2007


Little one lie down your head

The day is closed, it’s time for bed!

The gentle winds blow to and fro

And all of nature seems to know…

That day has fled and all around

The evening comes without a sound.

A glorious calm has settled deep

Upon the day. It’s time for sleep.

May dreams of fields and running free fill every moment of your sleep.

May peaceful rest bring you this day to yonder shore beyond the gate.

I’ll linger here awhile just yet, but you go on, my loving pet.

‘Tis time for us to part our way, until the coming of the day…

When we again will meet once more beyond Life’s Gateway, on yonder shore.

But for a time we both must wait on either side God’s shining gate.

And should you see me crying there it’s not because I think unfair

The shortness of the days we shared ’tis only that I loved and cared.

So go my gentle, little one with all my love into the sun

I’ll join you on another day when all earth’s cares shall pass away.

Author unknown

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1 Response to "Good Night, Cochise! The world will be a sadder place without you."

This is kind of the end of an era. The boys were little kids and I was taking night classes when Cochise came along. Now they’re grown and married and even *I* have a family now. It’s true that you can never go home.

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