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Little one lie down your head

The day is closed, it’s time for bed!

The gentle winds blow to and fro

And all of nature seems to know…

That day has fled and all around

The evening comes without a sound.

A glorious calm has settled deep

Upon the day. It’s time for sleep.

May dreams of fields and running free fill every moment of your sleep.

May peaceful rest bring you this day to yonder shore beyond the gate.

I’ll linger here awhile just yet, but you go on, my loving pet.

‘Tis time for us to part our way, until the coming of the day…

When we again will meet once more beyond Life’s Gateway, on yonder shore.

But for a time we both must wait on either side God’s shining gate.

And should you see me crying there it’s not because I think unfair

The shortness of the days we shared ’tis only that I loved and cared.

So go my gentle, little one with all my love into the sun

I’ll join you on another day when all earth’s cares shall pass away.

Author unknown

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your husband decides to bring Percy (see first blog) inside for an evening snack…like dog food isn’t good enough for him anymore! As you can see, Percy has grown A LOT in the past year and a half. Luckily we did not purchase any of the tainted dog food for him. What could be worse than killing a possum with poisoned dog food?
He’s been keeping to himself mostly, but the dogs seem to be able to figure out he is snuggled in under the deck every night. The neighbors love us! Nothing like a Pack of Panicked Pomeranians to help tuck you in at bedtime. The minute you stand up to open the door to go outside, they begin their excited greetings to let Percy know they are coming. Sure enough, they head straight for the corner under the grill and try furiously to wedge their little heads between the cracks for one last good night kiss. Percy for the most part ignores them. However, the other night he missed the turn at the bottom of the steps and found himself “dead” at the end of the stairs with a Wolfey snout sniffing furiously over his little possum coat. That’s when Krazy Bob intervened and picked Percy up for a trip in the house. Notice how this did not interfere with the “tongue hanging out dead” posture he has been honing this past year. Unfortunately, when you are dead you cannot swallow, so…you drool. I convinced Bob that Percy did not want to smoke a cigar, but I’m having trouble with the “wearing overalls” thing. So far, “I don’t have a pattern for possum overalls” is working, but I’m pretty sure that even Krazy Bob will figure out that dog patterns could probably be altered to fit a possum.

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