Is There Really Life After Childbirth?

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Call it a bad day, we just weren’t in a very creative mood the day Square Kitty and Fat Cat came home to live with us. She looked like she’d been stored in a box her whole life and he, well you can guess why Fat Cat got his name! It was about a year later when Fat Cat used up his last life and 9 weeks after that, Square Kitty morphed into Mama Kitty. As a black cat, I thought it only fitting that she deliver her bundles of joy on Friday the 13th (just before Mother’s Day), but she took exception and waited until the next day. It was my sons first experience with live childbirth (kittenbirth?) and we spent the day checking on her and naming each kitten as it emerged (Cimmariah, Teddy Jack Eddy, Callie, Junior). I was very impressed that a cat who wasn’t sure what to do with a mouse knew all the right things to do with a newborn kitten. About a year later she was diagnosed with feline leukemia and we sadly moved her into the utility room to spend her final days. Six and a half years later, I had her tested again. Apparently the first veterinarian was in error. Not only was she NOT on her last legs, she did not have feline leukemia. I can’t tell you how many last meals she tricked me out of! Next month she will celebrate her lucky 13th birthday. She loves living in her own private jungle and was so happy when Bob bought his boat. She promptly moved in and declared herself First Mate. She has tolerated all of the family adoptions with much more grace than anyone else and rightly deserves her place as matriarch of the Crazy Critter clan.

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