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One of the downsides of living in the woods with floor to ceiling windows (yes, it’s hard to believe there is a downside to that!!) is witnessing the harshness of Mother Nature. Every so often some over-excited bird crashes into one of the windows and breaks its poor little neck. This is usually followed by a solemn funeral service (IF we are able to recover the body from the delighted cat. She is absolutely amazed that dinner does drop out of the sky on occasion). There have been a couple of miraculous recoveries in the past, but this one was one for the blog!
Bob and I both heard the loud ker-thunk and knew exactly what had happened. I rushed to the window, but couldn’t see where the thunk-er had landed. Bob headed for the deck where he announced that sure enough, the cat (Snickers Peanut Buttercup) had retrieved the bird and was heading up the stairs for lunch. Bob called her over and held out his hand. Surprisingly, Snickers dropped the “catch of the day” into his outstretched palm. Maybe she thought he was going to prepare her a really special treat! However, the bird wasn’t dead! Bob took him into the front yard, away from the “restaurant” area, where the bird was finally able to stand. And stand it did! On Bob’s finger, on my finger, we were able to transfer “Robbie” from his hand to mine and even got him to pose for pictures for quite some time. Eventually Snickers figured out that cardinal “under glass” was taking way too long, so she saunters around to the front yard to see what we’re doing with her lunch! Robbie decided not to take any chances, so he flies to a nearby bush, much to Snicker’s dismay! Here they are saying their fond farewells!


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