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Cochise has been a part of our family for about 12 years. Pogie named him Cochise, but Joel heard “Goat Cheese,” so he is considered a bi-lingual dog. As you can see, he has an extremely high IQ. This is due to some “Knowledge Transfer” experiments we tried last year. They were very successful (as far as the Goat was concerned)!
If we could just get Bob to stop chasing the cat!

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Here Bob and his new pet, Percy, welcome another day at the critter camp. Percy loves peanut butter, cantaloupe, and dog food (not necessarily at the same time)! It seems all of our animal friends have extremely strange appetites. Percy is free-range and used to play “possum” when Cochise (aka Goat Cheese) the 50 pound weenie dog walked by the dog food bowl. However, once it was determined that the Goat didn’t seem to recognise him as a threat to the nightly meal, Percy no longer feels the need to nap. He doesn’t come when called yet, but I think that’s because he stays pretty busy on the home front looking for those peanut butter sandwiches. He has a sister, Lilith, but she is not nearly so friendly (or cute).

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